Price range £800 to £10,000

Pop Groups, Rock Groups, Covers Bands, Party Bands, Soul Bands, Show Bands, Jazz Bands, Big Bands, - you name it - we will know a good one!

Talk to one of our advisers to get the right band for your function. We'll talk you through the differences and what you might expect to get within your budget.

Less expensive acts will carry no lighting and limited P.A. (speakers!) although may still be suitable for smaller events with audiences up to approx. 100 people. The more expensive bands in the £1200 to £5000 range should have high quality P.A. and lighting and will usually require staging of some kind. Anything above this usually means 'name' acts or well known tribute bands such as the Abba band Bjorn Again.

Always check the rider. This is usually part of the bands contract and contains the 'extras' a band may require such as crates of mineral water and canapés! Seriously though, be aware of the extras, an 11 piece Soul Band can eat and drink it's way through several hundred pounds worth of' hospitality' in a night

Tribute Acts
Price range £550 to £10,000

As with the look-a-likes some are much more convincing than others, especially when it comes to look & sound. The main aim of a good tribute act is to capture the essence of the artist, and there are excellent examples of soloists and bands that do this very well including -
Frank Sinatra, Tina Turner, George Michael, Abba, Tom Jones, Elton John, Robbie Williams, Cher, Madonna the list is endless.

Soloists, Duos and Trios
Price range £250 to £1500

The usual solo instruments are saxophone, guitar, harp, bagpipes, piano, vocal, trumpet, there is generally not much call for solo drummers!

Duos often take in combinations of the above such as guitar duo, guitar & saxophone, piano & vocal. Trios expand the idea further, string trios, piano trios or jazz trios can all be put together to suit an event.

Our Music roster includes...

Party & Covers Bands
Function Bands
Tribute Artists & Bands
Soul Bands
60’s, 70’s, 80’s Bands
Jazz & Swing Bands
Barn Dance, Ceilidh & Irish Bands
Rock & Pop Bands
Funk Bands
Big Bands
Jump Jive Bands
50’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Bands
Blues Bands
‘Famous’ named Bands
Reggae Ska Bands

String Quartets
Hi Tech Duo’s
Solo Cabaret Artists
Pipers & Pipe Bands
Classical, Operatic and Show Singers
Brass & Silver Bands
Latin & Salsa
Classical Quartets, Trios & Duos
Jazz Quartets, Trios & Duos
Medieval Minstrels

DJ's and Discos
Price's range from £325 to £2500

Disco's still have their place in entertainment although have developed a bit of a reputation for being 'tacky'. At Back On Monday we take great care to ensure that our D.J.'s have an up to date attitude and equipment, so no 'light boxes' here. A quality show can transform a hotel conference room into a night Club. Many now specialise in an era such as 60's, 70's, or 80's, useful if you're running a themed event. Price's range from £325 to £2500 and is mainly dependent on the amount of P.A. and lighting you require, the more you need, the more expensive it becomes. Expect to pay larger sums for a club D.J. with a 'name', anywhere up to £10,000 and beyond, you would also have to provide their equipment.

And don't forget...

We can source virtually any kind of act that you can imagine, so if you don't see what you'd like then give us a call



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